hooplug drum system

Hooplug: from dream to the project

Hi, my name is Francesco Paolo Sguera.

I am 28 years old and I have a great dream.

I have been playing the drums since I was a kid. I am self-taught and with great sacrifice I turned my passion into a job.

Over the years, working, I clashed with the difficulties that this so agile instrument entails.

So one evening, after the concert, while I disassembled the instrument I decided that I should have found a solution to optimize time and effort in order to make the transport of the battery less stressful.

From there began a long period of research; from there began the collaboration with two engineers; from there a hooplug was born.

Hooplug is the first universal system that allows you to transform your acoustic drums into a “matryoshka” battery, without having to unscrew the tie rods.

Needing funds to subsidize the project, I participated in a tender of the Puglia Region “PIN Pugliesi Innovativi”, which gave me a small amount to start the startup, prototype the product and make it a reality.

Now my team and I are preparing to propose a crowdfunding of which I will give you precise news shortly.

For me it is important that all my colleagues understand the reason why I chose to make this leap into innovation and I would like each of you to feel like a protagonist, along with me, of this revolution in the world of drummers.


I will update you soon and thank you already from now,